Enmore Box carries a large range of packaging products

We carry more than just moving boxes and packing boxes at Enmore Box we have an extensive range of packaging supplies and can source most other packaging requirements for our customers.

If you are looking packing boxes or boxes for moving, check out our moving house page. If you are looking for boxes for sale or cardboard boxes, have a look at our second hand box list.

All popular products are available in stock for immediate delivery.

All Prices are subject to GST @ 10%.

TUBE-070X0750Tube 70x1.5x750mm with Caps
$2.50 Each
TUBE-090X0100Tube 90x5.0x0100mm
$2.50 Each
TUBE-100X0520Tube-100x2.0x 520mm White with White Caps
$3.00 Each
TAPE-H30/38BHusky 30um Brown 36mm x 75m
$1.25 Roll
TAPE-S30/38CSellotape Clear 36mm x 100m 30um
$1.70 Roll
TAPE-X30/38T-M30um Trans Tape 36mm x 1000m
$15.15 Roll
TAPE-1200/12Husky Masking Tape 12mm x 50m
$0.90 Roll
TAPE-1200/18Husky Masking Tape 18mm x 50m
$1.35 Roll
TAPE-825X36Filament Tape 36mm x 45m
$5.75 Roll
TAPE-108/24Paper Packaging Tape 24mm x50m
$3.00 Roll
TAPE-108/36Paper Packaging Tape 36mm x50m
$4.50 Roll
TAPE-GUM-72Gum PaperTape 60gsm 72mm x180m
$5.81 Roll
TAPE-104/24WHCloth Tape 24mm x 25m White
$3.43 Roll
TAPE-104/72GRCloth Tape 72mm x 25m Green
$10.30 Roll
TAPE-190/12Double Sided Tissue 12mm x 50m
$6.90 Roll
TAPE-190/15Double Sided Tissue 15mm x 50m
$8.05 Roll
TAPE-190/18Double Sided Tissue 18mm x 50m
$9.20 Roll
TAPE-PV804/12PVC Foam 6.4mm 12mm x 10.7m
$5.43 Roll
TAPE-PV808/12PVC Foam 3.2mm 12mm x 23m
$7.44 Roll
DISPENSER-6002Dispenser, Tesalope Tape
$45.00 Each
DISPENSER-6012Dispenser, Univ. Metal Bench
$30.00 Each
DISPENSER-6032Dispenser, 25mm Filament Heavy Duty Hand
$30.00 Each
DISPENSER-6259Dispenser, 50mm Superfast Hand Pkg
$55.00 Each
DISP-BLADE-6259Dispenser Blade 6259
$4.00 Each
DISP-BLADE-D2/50Dispenser Blade 50mm Teardrop
$4.00 Each
DISP-WIPE-DOWN-PISTOLWipe Down Arm Pistol Grip
$4.00 Each
BS00020Roll Towel Dispenser White
$40.00 Each
BS00041Toilet Tissue Dispenser
$25.00 Each
CLAMPAK CLEARClampak 102mm x 65mm x 15mm
$2.00 Each
DISPAK SILVERCD Case 148mm x 123mm x 23mm
$1.00 Each
BANDS-32Rubber Bands No.32 500gms
$7.00 Bag
KNIFE-LIGHTCutter - Light Duty
$5.00 Each
CARTON OPENERSwingline Univ. Carton Opener
$15.00 Each
PASTE-CLAGClag Office Paste 10x300ml
$25.00 Carton (10)
WAX-0300Waxkraft 300mm
$100.00 Roll
CBAG-08Confectionery Bags 8oz 150x120 White 1000
$15.00 Bag 1,000
SISAL-0300Sisalkraft 300 300mm x 100m
$50.00 Roll
SISAL-TUBE-225Sisalkraft Tube 225mm x 150m
$150.00 Roll
SISAL-TUBE-600Sisalkraft Tube 600mm x 150m
$200.00 Roll
WRAP-MMachine Wrap 20um 500mm x1700m
$100.00 Roll
WRAP-M-17Machine Wrap 17um 500mm x2200m
$100.00 Roll
WRAP-M-460Machine Wrap 20um 460mm x2500m
$100.00 Roll
$50.00 Roll
LABEL-049X35S/A Label 49x35mm White
$6.00 Box (220)
LABEL-A4S/A Label A4
$65.70 Box (200)