Enmore Box carries a large range of packaging products

We carry more than just moving boxes and packing boxes at Enmore Box we have an extensive range of packaging supplies and can source most other packaging requirements for our customers.

If you are looking packing boxes or boxes for moving, check out our moving house page. If you are looking for boxes for sale or cardboard boxes, have a look at our second hand box list.

All popular products are available in stock for immediate delivery.

All Prices are subject to GST @ 10%.

LASH-P-3APT 3A P/P Lashing
LASH-P-4APT 4A P/P Lashing 2025m
LASH-P-5APT 5A P/P Lashing 1575m
LASH-P-6APT 6A P/P Lashing 1260m
LASH-P-7APT 7A P/P Lashing 770m
LASH-P-8APT 8A P/P Lashing 585m
STRAP-H-12P/P Hand Strap 12mm x 1000m
STRAP-H-15P/P Hand Strap 15mm x 1000m
STRAP-H-15-HDP/P Hand Strap 15mm x 1000m Heavy Duty Black
STRAP-H-19P/P Hand Strap 19mm x 1000m
STRAP-M-05P/P Machine Strap 5mm x 7000m
STRAP-M-12P/P Machine Strap 12mm x 3000m
STRAP-M-15P/P Machine Strap 15mm x 2500m
STRAP-W-16Woven Hand Strap 16mm x 1000m
PB-12Plastic Buckles 12mm
PB-15Plastic Buckles 15mm
WB-12Wire Buckles 12mm
WB-15Wire Buckles 15mm
WB-19Wire Buckles 19mm
PS-12Metal Seals for 12mm P/P Strap
PS-15Metal Seals for 15mm P/P Strap
PS-19Metal Seals for 19mm P/P Strap
PC-12P/P Strap Hand Crimper - 12mm
PC-15P/P Strap Hand Crimper - 15mm
PC-19P/P Strap Hand Crimper - 19mm
PTP/P Strap Hand Tensioner
PLASTIC CORNERS 50MMPlastic Corners 50mm 1000/Ctn