One of the oldest businesses in Marrickville LGA is the Enmore Box & Case Factory Pty Ltd in Marrickville.

The current manager says there have been four owners during its 80-year history. This picture from the 1922 Official Souvenir Marrickville Municipality Diamond
Jubilee shows their truck outside the premises still in Cowper Street.

The business also still operates from a building on the corner of Shelleys and Empire lanes near Marrickville Metro. The name of the factory with "PET" and two faint original phone numbers are still visible on the building's solid old wooden gates.

Enmore Box & Case Factory began operating in 1912 from a property at 33-35 Cowper Street, Marrickville.  It was a licensed second-hand dealer in Cases, Bags, Zinc, Lead, Oil, Drums and boxes for sale, etc.

By 1922 the business had expanded into the manufacture of new wooden boxes & cases, as well as the modification of second-hand boxes into more traditional sizes (e.g. two apple boxes would be joined to create a double apple box). 

In 1949 the business & property were sold to a business person who had extensive interests in forests & timber milling.  The company continued to expand and in the mid-50s started to deal with second-hand cardboard boxes as the use of wooden boxes began to be replaced by cartons. 

When he retired in 1964, he sold off all his businesses and three employees bought Enmore Box. Other packaging products were added to the product list to allow the Company to provide ‘one-stop shopping for its customers, with boxes for moving and packaging supplies.

In 1990 the current owners bought the business.  The range of stock size new cartons was expanded and made to order cartons added to the product line.  In 2009 the property at Marrickville was sold, and the business moved to Peakhurst.

Enmore Box has been operating now for over 100 years.  It is still run in the same style as it has since it began, with employees and customers enjoying a family atmosphere in which to work.