Enmore Box carries a large range of packaging products

We carry more than just moving boxes and packing boxes at Enmore Box we have an extensive range of packaging supplies and can source most other packaging requirements for our customers.

If you are looking packing boxes or boxes for moving, check out our moving house page. If you are looking for boxes for sale or cardboard boxes, have a look at our second hand box list.

All popular products are available in stock for immediate delivery.

All Prices are subject to GST @ 10%.

STAPLES-SP19 Staples SP19 6mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-STCR2115-06 Staples STCR2115 6mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-STCR2115-10 Staples STCR2115 10mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-SB3020-06 Staples SB3020 6mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-SB3020-10 Staples SB3020 10mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-SB3020-12 Staples SB3020 12mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-STCR5019-10 Staples STCR5019 10mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-STCR5019-12 Staples STCR5019 12mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-STH2619-06 Staples STH2619 6mm 5000/Box
STAPLES-VELOS Staple Velos 323 24/6 5000/Box
STAPLES-A15 Staples Venhart A-15 2000/Box
STAPLES-BCS2-2530 Staples S2 2530 30mm 4060/Box
STAPLES-BK28 Staples Jambro BK28 3000/Box
STAPLES-SW7437-16 Staples SW7437 16mm 2400/Box
STAPLES-SW7437-19 Staples SW7437 19mm 2400/Box
STAPLES-SW9040-22 Staples SW9040 22mm 1600/Box
STAPLES-MAX711-VOAR Staples MAX711VO-AR 2000/Box
STAPLE REMOVER Staple Remover G7BW Wide Crown
STAPLER-B8P Stapling Plier STCR2115 Staple
STAPLER-P6-8 Stapling Plier STH5019 Staples
STAPLER-PC4000ML Tacker for STCR5019 Staples