While recycling cardboard boxes are more environmentally friendly than manufacturing new cardboard boxes, the process still uses a considerable amount of energy and requires detergent to wash the ink from the pulp, and bleach to clean the pulp.  The pulp then goes through much the same process as virgin paper would do.  It is steam heated and rolled into continuous sheets of paper, then passes through a corrugator to create the sheets of cardboard and finally a converter to produce the carton itself.

On the other hand, reusing cardboard boxes only involve the fuel needed to pick up the boxes and return them to our warehouse. Our second hand boxes for moving are typically either used boxes from imports and components used in manufacturing, or unused overruns or old packing boxes that would otherwise go to recycling or landfill.

When they arrive at our warehouse, they are sorted and inspected to ensure that they are in good condition. Scrap boxes are set aside for recycling. Our boxes for moving are good quality double wall cardboard boxes for sale.