Second Hand Boxes

Have you considered using a second hand box?

A second hand box is the sustainable choice when it comes to packaging, you can save money and help save the world.

We carry a large range of second-hand cartons.   These may be previously used cartons or redundant unused cartons from production overruns or product changes, which make the outer carton unusable. Some cartons are one-off purchases but most are sizes that we collect regularly from our suppliers.

They may be made from single or double walled board. Some are plain (unprinted) while others can be printed.

Available quantities shown are indicative only as we will have sold some cartons and collected others.

Pricing and accurate stock on hand available on request.

All Prices are subject to GST 10%.

Boxes are measured internally, Length x Width x Height in millimeters.

000x 000x 000* Box Sizes & Available Quantity last updated 28 Feb '23
150x 150x 100Mixed Small Cartons730
160x 95x 70Choc Box5000
170x 150x 150Evergreen Silken Tofu Perforated5000
180x 160x 450ABL White434
185x 185x 115PLAIN Second Hand Carton White617
200x 050x 570PLAIN 5 Panel Folder100
200x 130x 150Evergreen Tofu Nuggets Perforated2000
200x 155x 225PLAIN Second Hand Carton374
203x 169x 433PLAIN Second Hand Carton White Large5000
205x 130x 205PLAIN Second Hand Carton2500
210x 135x 300Half Wine A5 6 Bottle Unused Heavy Print3000
215x 165x 210PLAIN Second Hand Carton345
215x 215x 145PLAIN Second Hand Carton 543634500
220x 210x 150Regrowable Diecut2500
225x 155x 315PLAIN Half Wine A5 6 Bottle Unused0
225x 200x 125Evergreen Hard Tofu Perforated10000
230x 130x 90Macro Tofu Perforated945
230x 155x 300Half Wine A5 6 Bottle Used0
240x 160x 250Livani594
240x 160x 315PLAIN Half Wine A5 6 Bottle Unused CTNS58P0
240x 170x 90Black Stax (Box & Lid)3000
240x 180x 205Livani706
240x 230x 70Boomshakalaka White Diecut175
250x 190x 260PLAIN Second Hand Carton323
250x 215x 195PLAIN Second Hand Carton388
250x 250x 290McWilliams Golden Oak5000
255x 155x 210Pepe's Pastizzi Small5000
255x 170x 340Half Wine A5 6 Bottle Unused Printed0
260x 250x 22PLAIN Maltese Cross936
265x 135x 100Macro Hard Tofu Perforated5000
265x 153x 265PLAIN Second Hand Carton 503117332
265x 165x 150Evergreen Noodles/Tofu Puff Perforated5,000
265x 165x 170Evergreen Noodles/Tofu Puff Perforated10000
265x 200x 230Taste Water10,000
270x 170x 200PLAIN Second Hand Carton3,000
275x 170x 180Evergreen Noodles Perforated916
275x 275x 350Franklin Baker DW78
280x )94x 210PLAIN Second Hand Carton 5232731600
282x 281x 199PLAIN Second Hand Carton598
290x 240x 70Packed with Useful Information White Diecut830
295x 145x 210Oomph10000
295x 225x 290Wine A4 12 Bottle Unused Printed10000
300x 100x 310ABL White372
300x 170x 112PLAIN Second Hand Carton White516
300x 215x 130PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR3130800
300x 230x 240PCarton 300x230x240 3C Printed Black315
300x 230x 310PLAIN Wine A4 12 Bottle Unused White0
310x 230x 300PLAIN Wine A4 12 Bottle Unused0
310x 230x 310Wine A4 12 Bottle Unused Printed0
310x 255x 235PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR3020300
315x 220x 160PLAIN Mixed Sticker A4425
320x 205x 160PLAIN Second Hand Carton372
320x 240x 240Centurion A452
340x 155x 240Pepe's Pastizzi Large4000
340x 255x 145PLAIN Second Hand Carton PC03173
340x 320x 300Simba DW0
350x 200x 140White Glo 180 Pcs582
350x 265x 140PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR32341100
350x 280x 210New Horizon Fragile QX1-6822 DW0
355x 350x 385Bly's9
360x 270x 220Baxter26
360x 270x 270Precision Small Kosmos92
360x 280x 260New Horizon Fragile QX1-5198 DW0
360x 300x 140Jac & Jack Small TW12
360x 300x 240Jac & Jack Large TW0
360x 355x 300Uvex 1008222
365x 175x 130Plain Regal Turned740
365x 245x 230Golden Brook Wine Cask10,000
365x 280x 260PLAIN Diecut Shoe Box3000
370x 170x 215Turned660
370x 180x 440Fiesta DW40
370x 190x 230Food Company 8 x 1 Litre White208
370x 280x 440Tacca Small17
370x 360x 470PLAIN Second Hand Carton 5B29
370x 370x 210PLAIN Second Hand Carton White200
380x 225x 140Live Colour145
380x 280x 240PLAIN Second Hand Carton Aptar Crash Bottom92
385x 245x 110Woolworths Bakery500
385x 290x 115Ergonomic Solutions DW595
390x 360x 130PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR3177221
395x 265x 205Fresenus Kabi0
395x 290x 230Johnson DW31
400x 180x 220PLAIN Second Hand Carton184
400x 260x 590Multisteps DW204
400x 270x 90PLAIN Second Hand Carton2,500
400x 300x 260Simba DW0
400x 300x 290Simba DW83
400x 300x 350Simba DW21
400x 315x 275PLAIN Umbrella 243164 DW0
400x 340x 280New Horizon Fragile QX1-6701 DW5
400x 400x 210Vibit DW307
405x 357x 472PHPC DW0
410x 270x 155PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR3169500
410x 270x 325Halcyon Proteins DW0
415x 115x1060PLAIN Second Hand Carton225
415x 350x 215Theragun DW44
420x 300x 340Aussie Pacific DW0
420x 320x 380Aussie Pacific DW0
420x 345x 120Theragun DW14
425x 275x 350VIP68
425x 295x 340IP DW0
430x 280x 315Kleenex4
430x 285x 370Design Mould Crash Bottom18
430x 340x 680Poly Industries K07735
430x 410x 340Tiger Made in China248
435x 180x 240Extra Care140
435x 355x 320Theragun DW10
440x 310x 180SSM Pure with Insert DW36
440x 325x 290Hovex4
440x 415x 195Theragun DW30
445x 220x 350PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR3079917
445x 225x 255PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR32153,000
450x 250x 350Mixed Medium Cartons0
450x 260x 590PA Kitchenware White Label286
450x 290x 540Halyard Aero Blue114
450x 380x 490PLAIN Second Hand Carton Red Pistol Grip DW0
450x 390x 570Vpack Trigger Sprayer SP&D DW0
450x 405x 435Huntkey Powerstrip DW200
450x 420x1660PLAIN Second Hand Carton11
460x 160x 285Chempower White1800
460x 220x 180Clinell51
460x 275x 670PLAIN Second Hand Carton150
460x 280x 480Topside Made in Indonesia DW7
460x 350x 260EnPhase DW0
470x 300x 300Simba DW0
470x 310x 250PLAIN Second Hand Carton39
470x 390x 440Sumitomo DW0
475x 235x 220PLAIN TPLink Technicolour Sticker Jackson28
475x 310x 350Aptar162
475x 355x 410Huntkey Surge Protector DW0
480x 225x 350Front Panel Size847
480x 290x 210Powerhouse PHPC DW0
480x 310x 540Willow189
480x 360x 250Aussie Pacific Business DW0
480x 390x 270EnPhase DW0
480x 390x 290PLAIN Second Hand Carton Aptar Crash Bottom20
480x 390x 300Aptar59
480x 400x 550Yukihira Pan 20&22cm0
480x 485x 480PLAIN Sticker Qingdao DW0
485x 380x 225Ancestry DW68
485x 390x 260Zero0
490x 210x 190Pri-Med45
490x 320x 550PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker Intima Large6
490x 330x 390Silgan484
490x 330x 440Tacca Large0
490x 350x 230Ancestry DNA MiniKit DW3
490x 360x 510IP DW0
490x 370x 370Hongda Sprayer Trigger DW0
490x 390x 450Berry Plastics54
490x 450x 340Cigars Inner DW30
495x 285x 290Theragun DW0
495x 385x 180Gildan White Box36 DW0
495x 395x 300Aptar DW18
500x 130x 180Good Meal Curry/Chicken Butter Turned659
500x 205x 180PLAIN Second Hand Carton CTN061 CTN026042,500
500x 300x 110Aussie Pacific DW13
500x 300x 180Aussie Pacific DW281
500x 300x 220Wadepack W120
500x 300x 380Cormack No.310
500x 305x 270Wadepack W2768
500x 310x 160PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker Aptar35
500x 330x 225Graphic Packaging Shipper 2661
500x 370x 190Simba DW21
500x 460x 400Specialty Dispenser DW0
500x 470x 360Cigars Outer DW46
500x 500x 285Halyard DW13
505x 195x 375Front Panel Size107816
505x 300x 300Theragun DW29
505x 405x 260Poly Industries8
505x 420x 535Aus Post DW9
510x 120x 110PLAIN Second Hand Carton580
510x 255x 235PLAIN Second Hand Carton PR3181 PC01932,500
510x 380x 690PLAIN Second Hand Carton553
520x 340x 280Aussie Pacific DW4
520x 350x 360Aussie Pacific DW0
520x 410x 480Balnea Body Wash DW0
520x 480x1640PLAIN Second Hand Carton4
530x 205x 195PLAIN Sticker Vodafone DW860
530x 220x 160Plain Abaris Turned1,500
530x 220x 180Gluten Free Good Meal Curry750
530x 290x 390Bev Cap74
530x 290x 395PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker BC50
530x 340x 420Made in China DW6
530x 395x 530Gildan White Box6 DW0
530x 450x 220Pascoes DW133
530x 480x1060Matt Blatt DW358
535x 395x 135Gildan White Box8 DW0
535x 395x 200Gildan White/Anvil Brown Box1 DW0
535x 395x 250Gildan White Box2 DW0
535x 395x 320Gildan White/Anvil Brown Box3 DW0
540x 255x 315PLAIN Second Hand Carton 21538351
540x 330x 280PLAIN Sticker Vilo DW23
540x 360x 300PLAIN Sticker Euromist342
540x 420x 380Simba DW16
540x 480x 260Chosen DW40
545x 360x 270Purple Dinnerly1,000
545x 510x 350PLAIN Second Hand Carton4
550x 350x 130Aussie Pacific DW84
550x 350x 200Aussie Pacific DW443
550x 350x 450Ralpet6
550x 360x 190PLAIN Second Hand Carton V2-5 DW251
550x 360x 390PLAIN Second Hand Carton V2-2 DW9
550x 370x 390Closure Technology No.10
550x 400x 130Fiesta Coconut55
550x 430x 260Chosen DW0
555x 375x 340VIP Crash Bottom32
555x 545x 210Foxconn46
560x 300x 390Multigate8
560x 315x 380JY-311-01 DW0
560x 320x 370Pump 719120204-1 DipTube DW0
560x 360x 505Medline Procedure Packs52
560x 365x 395PLAIN Second Hand Carton Cap large10
560x 365x 455PLAIN Precision Medium Sticker 701,200
560x 370x 260PLAIN Second Hand Carton Design Mould P025 DW87
560x 370x 470Orora Crash Bottom Heavy Print1,900
560x 370x 480PB Packaging27
560x 380x 260Cinqplast Code 5322
560x 380x 400PLAIN Precision Medium Sticker 801,900
560x 380x 425Halyard White DW1
560x 380x 450Cinqplast Crash Bottom Code 3524
560x 450x 480IP DW0
560x 460x 460Robemaker DW14
560x 490x 490Alto10,000
560x 560x 730PLAIN Second Hand Carton Clear 50gm/Bleach135
562x 195x 130PLAIN Second Hand Carton PC03401,400
565x 365x 200Your Food Collective150
565x 370x 450Trigger Sprayer95
570x 315x 420Trigger Sprayer DW0
570x 320x 380Trigger Foam DW0
570x 340x 690Color King DW890
570x 370x 260PLAIN Second Hand Carton Design Mould P025 Single Wall0
570x 370x 310AFA Dispensing DW0
570x 370x 400Plaspak/Taplast P11/Zedpack16
570x 370x 400Mixed Large Cartons220
570x 375x 295Ancestry DNA GeneKit DW1
570x 380x 180Aussie Pacific DW77
570x 380x 450EC Pack DW6
570x 380x 510Liberty Plastics813
570x 480x 390OSC Worldwide18
570x 490x 250Gempack6
575x 365x 390Coster Blue Crash Bottom DW0
575x 375x 360PLAIN Second Hand Carton 400-0147-0 Nypro DW0
575x 450x 755Dump Bin - Grey200
580x 290x 290Theragun DW23
580x 370x 340Foam Pump DW0
580x 370x 420PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker White Cap90
580x 375x 495Coster Blue DW0
580x 380x 170Anvil Brown Box36 DW0
580x 380x 390Trigger Sprayer40
580x 400x 275Aussie Pacific DW0
580x 400x 330Fluted Lotion Pump DW30
580x 400x 420Aussie Pacific DW0
580x 440x 440PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sard99
580x 580x 300Master Finish DW0
585x 380x 305PLAIN Second Hand Carton Design Mould DW112
585x 410x 320HP DW114
585x 465x 695Warringah Uvex113
590x 180x 230PLAIN Second Hand Carton Unilever 500g274
590x 385x 390PLAIN Second Hand Carton Uvex40
590x 390x 260PLAIN Orange Products/LB-1556
590x 390x 310PLAIN Coster Sticker Round DW429
590x 390x 315PLAIN Coster Square Single Wall1,100
590x 390x 350Aptar DW7
590x 395x 320Gildan White Box4 DW0
590x 400x 390Alcon0
590x 400x 765Berry Plastics46
590x 410x 490PLAIN Sticker1,900
590x 420x 510IP DW0
590x 440x 280PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker Zero DW175
590x 440x 430PLAIN Sticker DW20
590x 480x 560Cinqplast/VIP Crash Bottom Code 11,000
600x 400x 210Aussie Pacific DW141
600x 400x 280Stax Sticker DW0
600x 400x 380Aussie Pacific DW19
600x 410x 350PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker Zero DW18
600x 480x 530Charles & Lee DW96
600x 490x 500PLAIN KMart Sticker DW164
600x 500x 250Vacupak141
605x 300x 380PLAIN Sticker D05850
605x 395x 440Aptar3
605x 440x 540IP DW42
610x 395x 430Gildan White Box5 DW0
610x 510x 590Formrite Group11
620x 275x 758MUY Fragil DW15
620x 330x 380Coles Dishwasher DW9
620x 370x 370PLAIN Second Hand Carton Cook Pal0
620x 520x 620PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker Pax20
620x 530x 570Spicy Pac Tall6
630x 420x 330Simba DW0
630x 430x 280PLAIN Second Hand Carton Tiger Made in Japan DW4
630x 480x 630PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker14
630x 630x 280Master Finish DW1
640x 330x 320Simba DW152
640x 345x 390Halyard DW0
640x 390x 250PLAIN Second Hand Carton Zero30
640x 440x 310Amber98
640x 440x 360PLAIN Sticker Laundry Liquid DW0
640x 480x 300PLAIN Second Hand Carton Made in Japan HWC0
650x 470x 330Simba TW0
650x 520x 500PLAIN Second Hand Carton V1-9 DW4,000
660x 355x 360Lotion Pump DW2
670x 390x 395PLAIN Second Hand Carton Cook Pal87
680x 460x 380PLAIN Pecan Tray/Rexona CTNW5,000
680x 475x 225PLAIN Second Hand Carton Sticker618
680x 500x 430Berry/Amber Large4,000
695x 450x 760PlasPak506
700x 570x 500PA Kitchenware White Label Yoshikawa DW94
710x 490x 560Amplify30
730x 730x 310Master Finish0
740x 690x 355HP E700 DW194
780x 325x 650Vox DW5,000
780x 720x 390HP E800 DW152
800x 800x 320PLAIN Second Hand Carton Master Finish DW0
810x 135x 545Plain TV Box DW40
840x 160x1240PLAIN Second Hand Carton88
865x 065x10255 Panel Folder92
865x 065x11255 Panel Folder28
930x 570x 640PLAIN Second Hand Carton1,300
1050x1030x 860Pallet Tub (With Lid) Chocolate DW85
1050x1030x 860LLid for Pallet Tub166
1050x1040x1030Space Kraft Pallet Box TW30
1070x1070x 280Master Finish DW0
1100x 060x12105 Panel Folder9
1130x 140x 595PLAIN Second Hand Carton DW76
1140x1100x1040Egg Pallet Box TW4
1140x1140x 960PLAIN Pallet Box DW1
1170x 110x 645< 40" Small TV Box DW50
Cnr 50x 50x 510Cardboard Corners 50x50x 510701
Cnr 70x 70x2000Cardboard Corners 70x70x2000360
Pad 335x 335Layer Pad - Corrugated1,000
Pad 370x 370Layer Pad - Corrugated546
Pad 410x 240Layer Pad - Corrugated DW225
Pad 870x 595Layer Pad - Corrugated40
Pad 970x 755Layer Pad - Corrugated4
Pad 1170x1170Layer Pad - Corrugated596
Pad 1310x1125Layer Pad - Corrugated175
Pad 1435x 760Layer Pad - Corrugated22

Can’t find what you are looking for?

We can also provide custom made cardboard boxes in any required size or quantity for specific requirements.

We also carry packaging supplies for all your needs. If you need boxes for moving, we have excellent quality second hand boxes also available on our moving house page. We have many boxes for sale including moving boxes available on this site.